Friday, 12 May 2017

Make Small Changes to Significantly Enhance the Charm of Your Vacation Rental

Disney Orlando vacation homes
How can you make your vacation home unique and functional, ensuring leverage over your competitors? Read on to know. You need to keep in mind that it is of no consequence whether you are an experienced vacation property owner or a first timer, if your vacation home is not appealing, you may find it hard to attract potential guests. An amalgam of vacation-inspired features and functionality will help you in luring potential guests from across the globe.

Decide whether you need to add better lighting, spruce up the backyard or make small changes in your vacation rental.

Sufficient accessible storage space 
Your guests often require enough storage space to stack up their belongings including food items, clothing, books, accessories, shoes and much more. To keep the overhead costs low, you can try DIY methods to create storage space. For instance, you can stack crates in the room for your guests to keep their books and DVD cases, jars to hold office supplies or reclaimed woods in bathroom or kitchen shelving.

Choose energy efficient solutions 
You will be surprised to know how you can enhance the attractiveness of your vacation rentals through using energy efficient utility features. There are large numbers of vacationers who value the houses using energy efficient solutions. So, start with inspecting the ceiling fans, electrical sockets, windows, air condition units, faucets and lighting's of your vacation property to ascertain whether or not they conserve enough power to reduce your monthly bills. You can choose ‘green’ add on such as programmable thermostats, LED bulbs, multi-outlet strips, faucet aerators and adhesive window films.

Keep the flooring clean and up-to-date 
Inspect the flooring and replace the old, stained or torn carpet with a budget-friendly yet classy carpet or rug that exudes sophistication. You can visit a garage sale, lumber store or a hardware store to purchase plywood boards and then design them into new flooring. To give a polished and sleek touch, you can coat the best varnish on top of the flooring.

Design a Captivating Backyard 
Whether its winter, spring, summer or wall, your Disney Orlando vacation homes guests love to hang out in the backyard. So, if you have thought it yet, it’s high time to give your backyard a face-lift! You can place in comfortable chairs and tables and even add a grill to provide your guests the pleasure of organizing a BBQ party.

Consider the tips and make your vacation home impressive and attractive!


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