Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Booking Hotel Rooms vs. 3 Bedroom Vacation Rental- Which is Better?

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When you decide to go on a vacation, you surely plan everything. One of the crucial aspects of vacation planning is deciding on the budget for controlling the expenses. If your holiday is going to last for a week or more, you need to separate travel expenses into various categories like entertainment, theme park tickets, food, accommodation, travel etc. Nowadays, booking vacation homes has become extremely popular among vacationers.

When you think about booking an entire vacation home, it may be sometimes hard to imagine. You feel as if it will cost significant amount of money and will eat up large portion of your vacation budget. But if you are going to vacation with 4 people or more, renting one of the popular Disney vacation rentals form a financially viable and better option.

Let us consider how:

Cost of Meals 
When you make your vacation budget, you allocate a significant portion of your budget for meals. This is due to the fact that when you stay in a hotel, you will have to pay for your meals. You either eat in the hotel where you are staying, in entertainment centers you visit or street foods which the locals recommend. Meals will cost you considerable amount of money. But if you book a vacation home, you will get a fully-equipped kitchen, with all the utensils and appliances required to cook your meals. Thus, you can easily cook your own meals and eat out whenever you wish. In this way, you can significantly reduce the cost of food via booking one of the popular Vacation Homes in Orlando!

Laundry Cost 
You carry limited clothing with you even if you are planning to vacation for a week or more. When you stay in a hotel, you will have to pay laundry expenses, which is actually considerable. You either have the option of repeating your already worn clothes (which you will surely not want) or get it washed and ironed (which will cost considerable amount of money). Disney Vacation Rentals give you the freedom of doing your own laundry, thereby making big savings. They provide washing and drying machine via which you can conveniently wash and dry your clothes, without spending any money (just the cost of washing detergent).

The additional advantages which vacation homes in Orlando offer include:

• Ample space
• Private pool
• Spacious backyard (sometimes including barbeque)
• Large entertainment area
• Spacious bedroom
• Large bathroom
• Private parking space and much more.

When you compare the costs and benefits of booking hotel rooms vs. vacation homes, you will surely find vacation homes emerging as the clear winner. So, make the right accommodation choice and enjoy your vacation to the fullest with your loved ones!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Lessons to Learn from Bad Vacation Rentals Reviews

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When you are in the vacation rental business, you need to be open to receiving negative reviews from your guests. Poor customer service, bad location from the best attractions, squeaky beds, dirty linens, bad Wi-Fi connection, not equipped kitchen and so on- all these problems or issues raised by your guests need to be addressed in a professional way.

In fact, the negative reviews which you guests leave are actually learning tools which can help you to enhance the quality of your vacation homes. When guests stay in your Kissimmee Vacation Rentals, they may experience major or minor issues which may have gone unnoticed by you or your property management company. So, it is crucial to devote enough time to read all your guests’ reviews and tackle all the complaints instantly.

Let us consider some of the bad reviews and actions which you can immediately take.

Review: Zero ratings from many of your guests for lack of cleanliness in your vacation homes.

Action: Instead of having blind faith in your cleaning vendor, monitor them and make sure that they are doing their job aptly. Do give them specific instructions about their cleaning duties. If your home still receives bad reviews for cleanliness, you can even think of changing your cleaning vendor.

Review: Poor ratings for customer service from large numbers of your guests

Action: Gather all your Orlando Vacation Rental staff and inform them about the bad reviews. Additionally, motivate them and communicate them about the importance of good customer service. You can even offer your staff extra bonus or incentive for converting the negative customer service reviews into positive ones!

Review: Guests review your vacation homes to be conventional and outdated, including interior fixtures to television sets.

Action: If you have no considered to check the interiors and exteriors of your vacation homes, now is the time! Consider where you can make updates to your homes at affordable prices and add value to your property. You can make a list of the items in your vacation property that needs to be updated. If you are short on budget, you can plan to make the changes part by part. For instance, initially, you can change your old television and add a new large flat screen television in the living area. Additionally, you can buy new appliances and utensils for the kitchen. In the next phase, you can think of renovating the bathroom and bedroom!

Always remember that you need to handle the negative reviews with care and do not just ignore them. Make positive changes in your Kissimmee vacation rentals and significantly enhance your property ratings and positive reviews!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Quick Tips to Enjoy a Pet-Friendly Vacation

Kissimmee vacation home rentals
Traveling to a new location can be quite stressful. Additionally, discovering a place to take your pet along for vacation can be all the more stressful. According to statistics, approximately 70 percent of the US homes have at least one pet. Leaving your pet at home while you are enjoying your vacation may not suit you. You may feel anxious thinking how your pet is coping up without you, whether or not your neighbor or pet boarding is taking proper care of your best friend.

Now there is no need for you to worry! When you explore, you will find various hotels, inns and vacation homes that provide accommodation to your four legged friend as well. Even though it may take time to discover pet-friendly Kissimmee Vacation Rentals, but all end result will be worth the effort. With the ready availability of the internet, you can easily explore online and search for different vacation homes that allow pet-friendly accommodations. Many of the homes permit two pets and enough space wherein your pet can enjoy roaming around.

Know some of the vital tips which you need to consider when booking your pet friendly vacation home.

• Make sure to confirm which Vacation Rentals Homes are pet-friendly before making the booking. You can directly ask the homeowner or the property management company via mail or phone. Even though the website showcases that the vacation home is pet-friendly, but there are chances that there may have been some changes, which include not allowing pets in the vacation home and the changes may not be updated over the site. So, get written or verbal confirmation.
• Most of the vacation homes may have some pet policies like refundable security deposits and pet frees. Ensure that you completely understand the policies.
• Do make sure to pack pet supplies including treats, toys and medication.

When you reach the Kissimmee vacation rentals:

• Always keep pet owner etiquette in mind. Make sure to keep your pets off the furniture and feed your pet in an easy to clean surface.
• When you take your pet to a walk outside, keep them securely on a leash.
• Do not leave your pet alone for an extended period of time. In the new ambience your pet may become agitated or bored.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind and enjoy your vacation along with your friendly pet!