Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Three Little Known Secrets of Disney World

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If you have ever visited Walt Disney, you must have wondered, how to see everything within the stipulated time. This is the magic of Walt Disney. You can keep coming back and always find something new. Whether it is a restaurant you never heard of or a show you never watched, there is always a surprise waiting for you. Even after multiple visits, you can ways find something new. Here are a few activities which you might have missed. Choose a Disney Vacation Rental to fully explore the Disney treasure.

We all know that “the mouse” started it all. This is from the mouth of Walt Disney himself. You can have the privilege of having a backstage photo-shoot with the mouse himself. This will make your day. Even before you enter the room, you can feel the fun in the air. It is almost like being a celebrity. He will welcome you smilingly and you should go for a high five as well. You can grab him and do a little dance before ending the fun session. This memory will stay with you forever.

When you are in Epcot, you shouldn't miss the France pavilion. You will come cross the World Showcase Wine Walk Tour. You can also check out the Germany and Italy studios. You can taste the best wine the countries have to offer. You will feel like you are touring round the world. While sipping their best wine, you get to look at the true culture of that country. The Easiest way of a Europe tour, isn't it?

Finally, you should go for Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. This is different because this tour is on a bike. You can rent bike and move freely around this huge resort. You can view the Disney springs from far. There are golf courses, fountains and a very peaceful and serene atmosphere. You will rediscover the resort for sure. You shouldn't miss the bike trails, even if it is raining.

Get an Orlando Vacation Homes nearby Disney World so you can easily enjoy these little surprises Disney have to offer. Staying near Disney World, you save on hotel bills and also the travel time to the resort which you can spend on the attractions instead.