Friday, 10 February 2017

Lessons to Learn from Bad Vacation Rentals Reviews

Kissimmee vacation rentals
When you are in the vacation rental business, you need to be open to receiving negative reviews from your guests. Poor customer service, bad location from the best attractions, squeaky beds, dirty linens, bad Wi-Fi connection, not equipped kitchen and so on- all these problems or issues raised by your guests need to be addressed in a professional way.

In fact, the negative reviews which you guests leave are actually learning tools which can help you to enhance the quality of your vacation homes. When guests stay in your Kissimmee Vacation Rentals, they may experience major or minor issues which may have gone unnoticed by you or your property management company. So, it is crucial to devote enough time to read all your guests’ reviews and tackle all the complaints instantly.

Let us consider some of the bad reviews and actions which you can immediately take.

Review: Zero ratings from many of your guests for lack of cleanliness in your vacation homes.

Action: Instead of having blind faith in your cleaning vendor, monitor them and make sure that they are doing their job aptly. Do give them specific instructions about their cleaning duties. If your home still receives bad reviews for cleanliness, you can even think of changing your cleaning vendor.

Review: Poor ratings for customer service from large numbers of your guests

Action: Gather all your Orlando Vacation Rental staff and inform them about the bad reviews. Additionally, motivate them and communicate them about the importance of good customer service. You can even offer your staff extra bonus or incentive for converting the negative customer service reviews into positive ones!

Review: Guests review your vacation homes to be conventional and outdated, including interior fixtures to television sets.

Action: If you have no considered to check the interiors and exteriors of your vacation homes, now is the time! Consider where you can make updates to your homes at affordable prices and add value to your property. You can make a list of the items in your vacation property that needs to be updated. If you are short on budget, you can plan to make the changes part by part. For instance, initially, you can change your old television and add a new large flat screen television in the living area. Additionally, you can buy new appliances and utensils for the kitchen. In the next phase, you can think of renovating the bathroom and bedroom!

Always remember that you need to handle the negative reviews with care and do not just ignore them. Make positive changes in your Kissimmee vacation rentals and significantly enhance your property ratings and positive reviews!


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