Thursday, 6 October 2016

Tips to Take Reservations for Your Vacation Home

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You have advertised your vacation home in the best capacity. Your potential guests are showing interest in your vacation rental and many of them are calling or mailing for booking your property. Know the tips for taking reservations for your vacation home.

Screen Your Guests
If you want to protect yourself against loss, adequately screening your guests is crucial. It is advisable to talk to your potential guests over phone before accepting their bookings. It is a smart move to ask few questions to your potential guests to ascertain whether or not they are suitable guests. Some of the questions may include “Are you bringing pets or children along?” and “How many people will be staying at the vacation home?” When you are talking to your potential guests, explain them that your Orlando Vacation Homes are your second home. This will encourage your guests to rent your home and make them instantly comfortable. Moreover, they will take extra care of your home.

Take Advance Payment
You confirm the reservation when you receive a certain amount of deposit from the guests. You can take checks for payments and deposits from your guests. But one of the easiest and fastest means of payment is through accepting credit card or payment through net banking. Within a matter of few hours you can receive the deposit and you can advance to the final step of taking reservations.

Put Everything in Writing
For protecting the interest of both yourself and your guests, it is advisable to put the agreements in writing. When preparing the rental agreement, make sure to include the following:

• Smoking policies and restrictions
• Pet policies and restrictions
• Payment schedules for rental and deposit payments
• Your contact details
• Address of your vacation home
• Road and storm condition policies
• Check out policy- what do you expect of your guests during departure
• Cancellation policy, detailing the penalties for cancellation
• Total amount due including extra fees and taxes
• Check in and check-out dates and timing
• Age and maximum occupancy restrictions

When you have prepared the agreement, you can send your guest a copy of the rental agreement and billing confirmation. Make sure not to accept a deposit or confirm the bookings without getting a signed copy of your rent agreement or rental rule document.

Follow the aforementioned tips and ensure ideal reservations for your Vacation Homes Near Disney!


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